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Mobile Scams: What can you do to prevent yourself against them?

scam phone calls

These days, it’s so important to know who’s calling your mobile with the number of scams that seem to be targeting us. Unfortunately, scammers are getting quite clever in obtaining personal information when impersonating government agencies like Centrelink and the ATO, along with Telcos like Telstra. In September 2018 alone, Scamwatch (run by the ACCC) […]

What is two factor authentication and why is it important?

two factor authentication

Two factor or multi factor authentication adds an additional security layer to your usual method of logging into a system be it E-mail, Remote Desktop and any other type of account that requires you to login. This type of authentication is not a new method of authentication but is becoming a more popular method due […]

The Most Popular Messaging Platforms Compared

messaging platforms

With a world of technology, texting and messaging has become a way of life to keep in contact with friends and family and now there are so many platforms and applications being used to send messages compared to what was around 10 years ago. Despite the fact that older generations like the Baby Boomers and […]

Blue Light Exposure – How bad is it really?

blue light laptop

A few months ago, we published an article about whether children are getting too much screen time. In this article, we touched base on blue light exposure from smartphones and how it is detrimental to health, however, now the question is whether you’re getting too much screen time as an adult, especially at night. These […]

Are children getting too much screen time?

children on smart phones

Screen time is a term used to describe time spent in front of televisions, computers, smartphones and tablets. Most screen time these days comes from the use of mobile phones and tablets. What some parents don’t realise when they give their 6-year-old a phone is that there are several issues linked to too much screen […]

A look into Tech Smart Home Items

tech smart homes

Since the first smartphone was released, the future has been ever-changing all too rapidly, with smartphones enhancing the way we live. With Apple and Android constantly surprising us with the release of new apps and updates, there are now apps on the market in Australia that can talk to vacuum cleaners and adjust lighting to […]

Android and iOS – What’s the difference?

woman excited about her smartphone

When it comes to purchasing a mobile phone and sourcing the best one for you, it’s sometimes hard to choose between the two biggest market competitors, Android and iOS! Firstly, what is Android? Android is the mobile operating system developed by Google in 2007.  If you are purchasing any mobile phone or tablet manufactured by […]

How to preserve your phones battery life

phone battery

Since we rely on our mobiles so much these days, it’s never enjoyable running out of battery during a busy day. There are many things you can do these days to preserve battery life, no matter what phone you are using. A couple of the main ones are as follows: 1) The first thing to […]

iPhone Tips & Tricks

iphone - go ahead i'm listening

Do you know these iPhone tips and tricks? There is so much your iPhone is capable of, so much that it can be very overwhelming trying to figure it out sometimes. So, to help, I have come up with a little list containing 10 tips to help you out! Have a math problem? Ask Siri!Siri […]

Best Business Productivity Apps

30 time app icon

Are you looking through your busy schedule daily feeling disorganised and overwhelmed? Do you feel you just need something to manage your day to day agenda, and your calendar or diary just aren’t doing the job? Then check out my list of some of the best apps to help you keep organised, work faster and […]