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IT Support

When your IT equipment is not working as it should, our team is here to support you and get it back up and running with our IT Support team.

Need Tech Support?

for when things aren't working as they should be ...

Forerunner offers multiple options for fast and reliable technical assistance when you need it.

Common issues that we resolve every day for our clients, include:

We also specialise in virus and malware removal to clean up files, recover precious drive space and make your computer healthy again.

cyber security - Forerunner Computer Systems Adelaide can help protect your home and business computers and data.

Think You've Been Hacked?

or your computer has been compromised ...

With cybercrime sadly on the increase, everyone is vulnerable to system hacks or computers being compromised in one way or another.

Forerunner’s tech team are very experienced in cleaning up computers following any kind of cyber attack or compromise.

For example: if the attack is connected to your internet banking in any way, your bank or financial institution will not allow you online access until you can provide evidence that your computer is squeaky clean and free of any potential threat.

Forerunner can give you the piece of mind you need to get you safely back online as soon as possible with excellent IT Support.

Repairs & Upgrades

if your tech is damaged or needs a makeover ...

Forerunner are the go-to guys to get your tech repaired or revamped and supercharged in Adelaide! We will help you with:

and loads more!

Our techs can rebuild or up-spec your existing computer for much less than the cost of a new one. Replacing the hard drive for an SSD will make it go faster! Add more memory (RAM), for greater storage. Upgrade your graphics card to support multiple monitors, run high visual performance software such as CAD or video editing and playing high-res videos or games.

Broken laptop - Forerunner Computer Systems Adelaide repairs broken laptops and computers.

Need an IT Audit or Making an Insurance Claim?

helping you get back to business

Does your business know what equipment is in use and how it’s all connected? Our team can review and audit your IT systems and infrastructure providing a report for your records. An important record to have, especially when upgrading equipment and systems, or needing to make an insurance claim.

Has your laptop been  broken or your computer damaged? Forerunner can assess your equipment and write a report for your insurance company to support your claim. Get in touch with us today.