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iPhone Tips & Tricks

Do you know these iPhone tips and tricks?

There is so much your iPhone is capable of, so much that it can be very overwhelming trying to figure it out sometimes. So, to help, I have come up with a little list containing 10 tips to help you out!

iphone - calculationHave a math problem? Ask Siri!
Siri is clever enough to add, subtract and even divide! Just hold down the home button and ask your question for example “How much is 22% of 30?” in not even a second, she will have an answer for you. And teachers said you will never have calculators on you 24/7…

See when your messages were sent and received
When you open a message in your message app, slide one of the message bubbles to the left to see the times of when they were both sent and received.

Have Siri read out loud to you
You can select a piece of text or even have Siri read the entire screen if you like. Tap on the text and an option bubble will appear above it. Select speak and listen away. If the speak option is not showing, go into your settings – general – accessibility – speech and slide the options to the right to turn on.

Send messages and texts hands free
Just have Siri write it up for you! Just hold down your home button and ask for example “He Siri, tell Dan I can come for coffee.” She will write up a ‘draft’ message and you just select ‘send’ when you’re happy.

Shake to undo
Did you make a mistake typing a word or editing a picture? Well it’s so easy to fix, just shake your iPhone and a pop up will come up asking if you would like to undo the latest action.

Need to save battery life?
Turn your iPhone off silent and switching your iPhone to airplane mode while charging, will help it charge twice as fast.

iphone - what can I help you withSiri’s random facts and info
Siri is able to answer many questions for you, including which plan just flew above you. Yep! Just ask ‘what flights are above me?” or even just say “planes overhead” Siri will bring up a list of all the flights above you in that exact moment.

Take a picture using your headphones
Yes, you read that right! While in the camera app, if your headphones are connected, pressing the volume up button will snap that picture for you. This is especially useful if you’re using a tripod or want to ensure your iPhone is steady, as you won’t have to awkwardly press the button in some situations. However, this only works with official Apple headphones.

Make your iPhone light flash for alerts
Sometimes a phone chime or vibration isn’t enough to capture your attention when an incoming text message or email comes through. A solution? Use your iPhone’s LED light. Simply open settings, select General, select Accessibility then turn on LED Flash for Alerts. Net time a text comes through, your iPhone will chime, vibrate and flash!

Quick access to your camera
Sometimes it can take a few too many valuable seconds to unlock your iPhone and open the camera app to take that moment snap. Now you don’t have to! On your home lock screen there is a small grey picture of a camera on the bottom right hand corner. Pressing and swiping that picture upwards, opens your camera in an instant! Now you can take that photo with no hesitation.

Check out this video featuring 50 voice commands for Siri.

Do you have any iPhone tips and tricks you like to use?