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A look into Tech Smart Home Items

Since the first smartphone was released, the future has been ever-changing all too rapidly, with smartphones enhancing the way we live.

With Apple and Android constantly surprising us with the release of new apps and updates, there are now apps on the market in Australia that can talk to vacuum cleaners and adjust lighting to enable automatic switch off at certain times.

With the advancement in smartphone apps, anything will be possible in the near future. These apps will really be doing the unthinkable!

For some, it would sound exciting to have all household appliances being controlled by smartphones, but for others, this might seem a little too complicated.

Given this ever-changing world of technology that we live in today, we wanted to look into some tech-smart items for homes that are now on the market and available in Australia.

#1 – Cloud Cameras:

Something that a lot of Australian’s already have in their house are security cameras. These come in different price ranges and brands. Here, we wanted to give you some insight into Cloud Cameras, possibly the easiest to setup of all security cameras!

One company that has produced cloud cameras is TP Link.  Since their cameras are cloud-based, they don’t require a lot of setup, as they store data in the cloud.

Once you’ve purchased one of these and have set it up with the instructions, you’ll be able to login to a console online and view your home, no matter where you are. You can also set these up, so that at particular intervals, you receive emails containing images that your camera has captured when movement has been detected.

More information on the TP Link Day/Night Cloud Camera can be seen here on the TP Link website.

#2 – Light Switches, controlled through WiFi:

Imagine thinking back in the 90’s that you could one day turn your lights on through your phone, from anywhere. You would have been dreaming, right?

One brand that have brought these light switches out is Belkin. Advertised at $39.95 on the Belkin website as “Wemo Light Switches”, these allow you to turn lights on and off remotely. These lights can also be programmed to switch off or on at particular times of the day and they don’t even require batteries!

More about these light switches can be seen here on the Belkin website.

#3 – Powerpoints controlled through WiFi:

Who knew in the early 2000’s that controlling electrical appliances would be something possible to do from a smartphone now?

Well, like the Belkin Light Switches that can be controlled by your smartphone, Belkin have also brought out “Wemo Insight Switches” advertised as $69.95 on their website. These plug into powerpoints throughout homes and connect wirelessly to your phone, allowing you to switch power off without even being near the powerpoint. These are handy for heaters, lights, fans, kitchen and laundry appliances!

More about these insight switches can be seen here on the Belkin website.

#4 – WiFi enabled Vacuum Cleaners:

Ever left the house in a hurry and been in the middle of vacuuming?

Well now, with the Neato Botvac, you can leave your vacuum cleaning the house while you head out and get on with your daily schedule! The Neato app will allow you to start, pause, stop, schedule and provide you with a coverage map of what your vacuum has been up to while you’ve been out, all through WiFi. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

The Neato Botvac is now available in Australia, in stores like David Jones and Myer.

For more information about these, visit their website here.

Lastly, if you need help setting up any of these smart home items, we’re more than happy to help. Contact us today.