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Phone Solutions

Reduce Your Costs, Increase Your Productivity
and Mobility with 3CX Phone Solutions for Windows.

VoIP Phone Solutions

reduce your costs, increase your productivity

Move to 3CX Phone System – an award-winning open standard Windows and Linux based IP PBX that replaces traditional proprietary hardware PBX whilst providing enterprise-style features at a fraction of the cost.
  • Lower your company’s call costs and truly globalise your business by leveraging VoIP providers and bridging your offices for free inter-office calls.
  • Increase mobility by allowing your employees to take their office extension with them wherever they go.
  • Increase productivity with Unified Communications features that allow you to setup conference calls in a matter of seconds and see the presence of your colleagues.

3CX Phone System supports popular SIP phones, VoIP providers and traditional PSTN lines. The web-based management console makes it easy to configure, eliminating the need to hire expensive telecom consultants.

3CX Phone - Forerunner Computer Systems Adelaide experienced with Yealink 3CX phone systems and VOiP Phone systems and phone solutions
3cx phone solutions - Forerunner Computer Systems Adelaide

Benefits of the 3CX Phone System

just a few reasons why you should make the change

  1. Easy to manage by an IT administrator.
  2. Costs less to buy and expand.
  3. Greater return on investment.
  4. Use existing hardware and make huge savings.
  5. More features by leveraging Windows technologies.
  6. Hardware and vendor independent – no vendor lock in.
  7. Better fault tolerance through easy backup of your PBX.
  8. 3CX Phone System is more scalable than hardware PBXs.
  9. Better integration with other business applications.
  10. Easily build voice applications that increase productivity.