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Best Business Productivity Apps

Are you looking through your busy schedule daily feeling disorganised and overwhelmed? Do you feel you just need something to manage your day to day agenda, and your calendar or diary just aren’t doing the job? Then check out my list of some of the best apps to help you keep organised, work faster and stay motivated at work!

Free – iOS and Android
Have you ever heard of the 30/30 rule? Sometimes it can be hard to finish a mundane or difficult task so follow this rule, give the task your complete attention for 30 minutes, then take a 30 minute break to refocus and recover. This app can assist your increase in productivity and help you manage projects to keep you on track.

Free – iOS and Android
Are you tired of looking at your jumbled and disorganised iPhone calendar? This app offers a calendar upgrade with integrated functions and a pleasing interface. The functions tie in your contacts and social media accounts. Cal helps keep your schedule organised without feeling that overwhelmed sensation.

Pocket Free
iOS and Android
This clever app can save articles, videos, articles and much more from the internet to read or watch later. The best part, once saved on the app, the content can be viewed on any device, at any time – even offline. Pocket is great to keep up to date on news and share articles on social media.

Slack Free
iOS and Android
Slack works exactly like a chat room, log in to communicate with your colleagues in both public and private groups. You can also share files, web-links and more. This app works for both large and small businesses that need a way to communicate internally and other apps and services work directly with Slack which helps create a command centre for your business.

Free – iOS and Android
Wunderlist is an easy to use to – do app and is a collaborative task manager. The app offers a mix of customisation and can be used on any device including computers. Wunderlist is an app owned by Microsoft, it is free but there is a pro version with extra features for a small monthly cost.

Free – iOS and Android
It is nearly impossible for two people to communicate when they don’t speak the same language. That is where this handy app comes in. with over 90 languages to choose from, iTranslate helps you overcome language barriers by allowing you to translate back and forth. You are able to speak through your phone or devices microphone or type phrases.

Google Now
Free – iOS and Android
This app acts just like Siri, however it is much more personalised. Google Now learns from you such as your web searches, calendar events and emails to deliver information that YOU want to see. For example sport scores from your favourite teams or your flight information from you itinerary in your Gmail account. The app can deliver helpful information such as the weather and its voice capabilities are more reliable than Siri.

Free – iOS
Errands is a task manager app, easy to use with a pleasing design. Features include checklists, folders, images, schedules, alarms and alerts, calendar, mail, search and much more. A universal app with full support from all your iOS devices. Customise Errands to fit your profile by using the carefully selected set of configurable options.

Free – iOS and Android
Whether you’re managing a team of freelancers, writing an epic screenplay, or just making a list of stuff, Trello makes sure you’re organised. Like a whiteboard with superpowers, it’s simple to use and flexible. Use it solo or invite colleagues, friends and family to work together.

What are your favourite business productivity apps?