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Drone Technology

drone technology

Drone Technology! What is it and why are we hearing about it everywhere we go? Drones are ‘vehicles’ that are unmanned, and can be controlled without a human on board. They can be controlled from the ground using a remote control or computer, and a GPS tracking system. Drones and the Military The military use […]

A Review – The Fossil Q Wander Watch

Fossil Q Wander Watch

In the process of looking for a smartwatch to integrate with my Android phone, I came across the Fossil Q Wander. I thought the design of this watch looked absolutely stunning that I had to buy it! The one I purchased features a stainless-steel Fossil watch band, with the potential to change watch bands easily. […]

A look into Tech Smart Home Items

tech smart homes

Since the first smartphone was released, the future has been ever-changing all too rapidly, with smartphones enhancing the way we live. With Apple and Android constantly surprising us with the release of new apps and updates, there are now apps on the market in Australia that can talk to vacuum cleaners and adjust lighting to […]

Best Gadget & Tech Gifts Ideas for Christmas 2015!

2015 gift ideas - Forerunner Computer Systems Adelaide sells a wide range of computer accessories

Trying to find the perfect gift for someone that just seems impossible this Christmas? We have searched high and low to find great gift ideas and here are a few of our favourite gadgets and tech items that would make perfect gifts for any tech lover! IRISPen Air 7 The IRISPen Air 7 is a full-featured text […]