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Best Gadget & Tech Gifts Ideas for Christmas 2015!

Trying to find the perfect gift for someone that just seems impossible this Christmas?

We have searched high and low to find great gift ideas and here are a few of our favourite gadgets and tech items that would make perfect gifts for any tech lover!

IRISPen Air 7

The IRISPen Air 7 is a full-featured text recognition text scanner that works just like a highlighter! Simply slide the digital pen over printed documents and the text will instantly appear on any device.

Completely wireless, this gadget connects to your Bluetooth on your device and you can scan on the go.

This device also includes integrated language translation technology for over 50 languages. It will make your translation appear in a matter of seconds. Finally, it also includes a feature that reads aloud.

Price: $199 inc. GST

Camera Lens Bluetooth Speaker

Set in a camera lens design, this powerful Bluetooth speaker allows you to enjoy music wirelessly from Bluetooth compatible devices.

The 8Ware i700Pro speaker also includes an AUX input, FM radio and a Micro SD slot. It also supports phone calls and includes a redial function.

Price: $35 inc. GST

HP Roar Yellow Wireless Speaker

Crisp, compact, colourful, HP Roar wireless speaker. With new smart Amp technology, this speaker delivers booming bass with crystal clarity. Distinctively different with amplified audio, a showcase you can take anywhere with the ease of wireless Bluetooth.

Price: $75 inc. GST

HP 7 Plus Android Tablet

The HP 7 Plus comes with a 7 inch IPS screen with 8GB of storage and includes a 2 mega pixel fixed focus camera. This compact and sleek tablet also features Bluetooth Wi-Fi and GPS.

Price: $99 inc. GST

mbeat Quintary 5-Port Smart Charger

Quintary is a 5-port smart charger that charges your devices using PowerWiz technology. It provides a better and faster charging performance with a powerful 40Watts output, and charges devices simultaneously.

Price: $39 inc. GST

HP Officejet Pro 6230

Professional colour documents and eye-catching marketing materials for both businesses and at home, this printer is designed for productivity and wireless printing for up to 50% less cost per page than regular laser printers.

Price: $99 inc. GST

HP Officejet 5740

This sophisticated all-in-one prints laser quality documents and lab-quality photos. With initiative wireless printing features, this printer makes it easy to print from smart phones, tablets and connect PC’s.

Price: $95 inc. GST

Contact the Forerunner Team today on 8269 5260 to order your gadget gifts in time for Christmas!