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E-commerce has revolutionised the way we buy and sell goods, shaping the global economy and transforming traditional retail practices. In this ever-evolving landscape, understanding the dynamics of e-commerce is crucial for businesses aiming to thrive in the digital age. What is E-commerce?E-Commerce refers to the purchasing and selling of products and services on the internet. […]

Content Management Systems

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What are Content Management Systems (CMS)? A Content Management System, or CMS, is a web application/program that enables users to create, publish and edit websites. Content Management Systems are especially useful for ‘non-technical’ users to update content on their website without relying on a third party, if time permits of course. The majority of content […]

Google Search Tips

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Google Search is an incredibly powerful tool that puts a world of information at your fingertips. With just a few key strokes, Google can help you uncover a wealth of knowledge, answers to your questions, and resources for virtually any topic you are interested in. Whether you’re seeking information, inspiration, or solutions, Google Search is […]

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL shield on laptop - Tech Tips - Forerunner Computer Systems Adelaide can help you secure your website with the installation of SSL certificates

What is an SSL Certificate? In today’s digital world, online security is paramount. As more and more of our personal and financial information is exchanged online, the need for robust security measures is greater than ever. You have probably heard about SSL certificates and noticed the small padlock that appears in your internet browser when […]

“I Am Not a Robot, Are You? – reCAPTCHA

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Today, online security has become a top priority for individuals and businesses alike. As technology advances, so do the methods employed by malicious individuals and groups. To combat automated bots and protect user data, many websites implement a security measure called reCAPTCHA. But what is it, how does it work, and why is it considered […]

Keeping your website updated

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Websites play an important role in the marketing of businesses, organisations, and community groups. A website establishes an online presence, builds credibility, enables marketing and promotion, provides valuable information, and extends your audience reach; the more people you reach, the more exposure and impact you will have. The frequency of updating your website depends on […]

WordPress Plugin Updates

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Red circles and lots of messages – if you’ve been into the back-end of a WordPress website, you’ve undoubtedly seen it. There are updates waiting for themes, plugins and WordPress itself. But how important is it, to keep your WordPress site up-to-date? Answer: VERY IMPORTANT! WordPress itself is an incredibly stable and secure system, despite […]

What Programming Languages Exist?

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There are several different types of programming languages out there which aren’t only for websites, but for applications and operating systems as well. If you have ever had a website built or looked into what goes into building a website, you would have heard of some of the most common ones. Fortunately, there are too […]

The History of Google Services

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Now, the most popular search engine and well-known for other products such as Android, Google originated in 1998 by two Ph.D students from the Standford University in California named Larry Page and Sergey Brin. While Google wasn’t the first search engine to exist, it did become the most widely used fairly quickly after. Google is […]

Internet Browsers – Which one is better?

internet browsers - Forerunner Computer Systems Adelaide can help ensure your browser is up-to-date

These days there are many different internet browsers to choose from. There are even more than the main ones which are Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox, believe it or not. Being a website design and development company, our developers have a difficult task to fulfil in making sure that every website […]