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Drone Technology

drone technology

Drone Technology! What is it and why are we hearing about it everywhere we go? Drones are ‘vehicles’ that are unmanned, and can be controlled without a human on board. They can be controlled from the ground using a remote control or computer, and a GPS tracking system. Drones and the Military The military use […]

Blu-ray and DVD – What’s the difference?

popcorn drink and movie reel

These days, purchasing DVDs may seem like a thing of the past, especially now since streaming services like Netflix, Stan and Foxtel are available at a cheap monthly cost. But for those who still like to own a DVD collection, purchasing a DVD isn’t that easy for some. A lot of people will often stop […]

How to Create a YouTube Channel

my Youtube channel

Are you interested in setting up your own YouTube Channel and becoming a YouTube Star? Here’s your Guide to Setting Up a YouTube Channel and Uploading Videos Creating Channel Go to YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/) and log in with your Google account to start the process of setting up a YouTube Channel. Click My Channel in the […]

Benefits of YouTube

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How can YouTube benefit you and your business? YouTube is one of the top 5 most visited websites on the internet. One billion people visit YouTube and watch videos every month. This is a social media platform that is growing in popularity for businesses, as more businesses take advantage of the benefits YouTube has to […]