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How to Create a YouTube Channel

Are you interested in setting up your own YouTube Channel and becoming a YouTube Star? Here’s your Guide to Setting Up a YouTube Channel and Uploading Videos

Creating Channel

  1. Go to YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/) and log in with your Google account to start the process of setting up a YouTube Channel.
  2. Click My Channel in the top of left navigation.
  3. Fill in the popup form (it is most likely filled automatically with you Google account info), and click CREATE CHANNEL to create your channel.
    1. Use an eye catching photo to draw viewers’ attention.
    2. Incorporate your channel name into channel art. This might reinforce viewers’ impression towards your channel.
    3. Recommended photo size is 2560×1440.Add channel art.
  4. Write channel description.
    It is recommended that you write a brief description about your channel so that viewers can quickly know what the channel is about.

Uploading a Video

  1. Click the upload a video button showed below you will be redirected to an uploading page where you can upload videos to your channel. Alternatively, you can find a Upload button in the top right corner, just next to your profile image. Click it to go to the uploading page.
  2. Drag & drop a video you wish to upload. In addition, you can set video privacy: Private, Public and Unlisted.


YouTube Settings

  1. Click your profile image at the top right corner, and then click a button with a cog in it.

  2. On account settings page, you can change your password, link your account to other social medias, tweak your privacy/notification settings etc.

Channel Settings

  1. Go to your channel page, and click a cog like button on the right hand side, just underneath the channel art.

  2. When a channel settings dialog pops up, click Advanced settings at the bottom.
  3. On the channel settings page, you view all your videos (public or private) and comments on your videos, manage your videos/community/channel, set up live streaming as well as track your channel activities.