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A Review – The Fossil Q Wander Watch

Fossil Q Wander Watch

In the process of looking for a smartwatch to integrate with my Android phone, I came across the Fossil Q Wander. I thought the design of this watch looked absolutely stunning that I had to buy it! The one I purchased features a stainless-steel Fossil watch band, with the potential to change watch bands easily. […]

Is Anti-virus needed on Windows 10?

checking health of laptop

The short answer is Yes! But before we delve into why you do need anti-virus on Windows 10, we thought a rundown of differences between viruses and malware would help. Viruses, in short, infect the files on your computer. Malware is software designed to obtain vital information from your computer causing a slow down. If […]

Why you should upgrade to Windows 10

Windows 10 PC

Since the release of Windows 10 in July 2015, there are still a lot of people running Windows 7 and 8, and even lower, despite Windows 10 getting better and better with every update. Since it’s now been nearly 2 years since Windows 10 was released and there are still a lot of unknowns and […]

What AntiVirus is recommended at Forerunner?

antivirus protection

Nowadays, with so many viruses and threats making their way into computers, it’s often difficult trying to work out what antivirus will give you the best protection. There are many antivirus scanners on the market from the reputable ones offered for free online, to the programs you pay for. So, where do you start with […]

What’s New in Office 2013

learn lead keyboard

Microsoft has launched Office 2013 in Jan of 2013, let’s take a close look and see what new features amaze us Microsoft keep updating and adding new features and launching new versions of the Office software suite … you may ask “why fix what is not broken?” … like anything else in the realm of […]