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What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL shield on laptop - Tech Tips - Forerunner Computer Systems Adelaide can help you secure your website with the installation of SSL certificates

What is an SSL Certificate? In today’s digital world, online security is paramount. As more and more of our personal and financial information is exchanged online, the need for robust security measures is greater than ever. You have probably heard about SSL certificates and noticed the small padlock that appears in your internet browser when […]

“I Am Not a Robot, Are You? – reCAPTCHA

I am not a robot recaptcha and laptop - Forerunner Computer Systems Adelaide

Today, online security has become a top priority for individuals and businesses alike. As technology advances, so do the methods employed by malicious individuals and groups. To combat automated bots and protect user data, many websites implement a security measure called reCAPTCHA. But what is it, how does it work, and why is it considered […]

Keeping your website updated

Website design on a laptop screen - Forerunner Computer Systems Adelaide specialises in web design and development

Websites play an important role in the marketing of businesses, organisations, and community groups. A website establishes an online presence, builds credibility, enables marketing and promotion, provides valuable information, and extends your audience reach; the more people you reach, the more exposure and impact you will have. The frequency of updating your website depends on […]

Scam Emails

Scam Alert Tech Tips - Forerunner Computer Systems Adelaide can help you make your IT systems more secure

It is easy to be fooled by cybercrime scam emails, so it is important to stay vigilant online. Online scam emails, also known as phishing emails, are unfortunately a common occurrence. Scammers use various techniques to trick people into revealing sensitive information or tricking them into sending them money. Scammers are becoming increasingly savvy and […]

ATO Advice – Cyber Scams

typing on the computer - Forerunner Computer Systems Adelaide

Online scams are an ongoing problem. A problem that is only getting worse as the scams become more sophisticated and believable. In 2021, Australians lost a record amount of over $2 billion in scams according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. This was despite the Australian government, law enforcement and the private sector disrupting […]

Cyberbullying – Online Abuse

teen girl bullied via social media - Forerunner Computer Systems Adelaide

Cyberbullying, online abuse, is a crime and one that is on the rise. Hurting others it never okay. With the internet, and social media platforms, being so widely available, individuals and groups, both children and adults, have more opportunities to target others. It is easier to sit behind a screen and abuse others, than do […]

Photography, Nudity & Internet

parental advisory explicit

Photography, nudity and the internet/social media! When these are separated there is little debate, but when put together, opinions, outrage and legal action get involved. What is considered appropriate and inappropriate in regards to adult men and women on the internet? Then there’s the issue of children and nudity on the internet? Who determines this […]

Conveyancing Email Scam – Advice to Keep You Safe

typing on the computer - Forerunner Computer Systems Adelaide

Due to a recent scam that has occurred in the conveyancing industry that the ABC released an article on, we wrote a guest blog for Tuckfield Conveyancing which was published on their website here. If you’re in the process of buying or selling a property, you will be engaging with a conveyancer to aid in […]

A Guide to Password Security

password security - Forerunner Computer Systems Adelaide

There are several explanations as to why passwords are constantly compromised. Sometimes the reason your password is compromised is that someone you know is looking to get access to your accounts and simply guess your password because they know you all too well. Other times, you may become the victim of a forced attack through […]

What are phishing emails?

email services - Forerunner Computer Systems Adelaide

Lately we have seen an increase in phishing email scams, with a lot of people unable to tell the difference between a legitimate email and a phishing scam, as cybercriminals are getting quite clever. For those of you who don’t know what a phishing email is, phishing is the attempt to which cybercriminals send fraudulent […]