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Blue Light Exposure – How bad is it really?

blue light laptop

A few months ago, we published an article about whether children are getting too much screen time. In this article, we touched base on blue light exposure from smartphones and how it is detrimental to health, however, now the question is whether you’re getting too much screen time as an adult, especially at night. These […]

A Review – The Fossil Q Wander Watch

Fossil Q Wander Watch

In the process of looking for a smartwatch to integrate with my Android phone, I came across the Fossil Q Wander. I thought the design of this watch looked absolutely stunning that I had to buy it! The one I purchased features a stainless-steel Fossil watch band, with the potential to change watch bands easily. […]

Are children getting too much screen time?

children on smart phones

Screen time is a term used to describe time spent in front of televisions, computers, smartphones and tablets. Most screen time these days comes from the use of mobile phones and tablets. What some parents don’t realise when they give their 6-year-old a phone is that there are several issues linked to too much screen […]

A look into Tech Smart Home Items

tech smart homes

Since the first smartphone was released, the future has been ever-changing all too rapidly, with smartphones enhancing the way we live. With Apple and Android constantly surprising us with the release of new apps and updates, there are now apps on the market in Australia that can talk to vacuum cleaners and adjust lighting to […]

What is a 3D Printer and how do they work?

3D printer - Forerunner Computer Systems Adelaide

Over the years, printers have increased in size and are now capable of printing a lot faster than they used to back in the 90’s. It just so happens that now printers can print three-dimensional objects. 3D printing is referred to as “Additive Manufacturing”. These particular printers can print layers of plastic and some, even […]

What is Chromecast and how did it come about?

Chromecast streaming

What is Chromecast and how did it come about? We love tech at Forerunner and we especially love the Google Chromecast! A Google Chromecast is a small device that connects to your TV via HDMI. Once connected, this allows you to stream video content on your TV. The Chromecast was developed by Google in July […]