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WordPress Basics

I have a WordPress website, now what?

So you have a WordPress website, it has been launched so people can find you or your business, and now you are wondering what you should do? The answer is, LOTS!!! But here are a few of the top things you need to ensure you are doing to help your website.

Keep your website up-to-date!  
Log into your website regularly and update your content. Whether it is news, events, blogs, new services etc. It is important to keep your content fresh and relevant to your target audience.

Google Analytics
Install the Google Analytics dashboard widget if you haven’t already. This is a simple way to keep an eye on your site traffic.

Ensure that you keep the WordPress CMS and your plugins up-to-date. Some updates include new or updated features, while other updates are purely to improve security.

Ensure you have a form of backup for your website in place. Whether you do this manually or install a plugin that automatically does this for you. It is very important to have something in place; you never know when the host server is going to crash (or simply blow up), your website or the host server could be hacked and attacked by viruses etc. It is just as important as backing up your personal files on your local computer.

Social Media
Link your website to your social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, YouTube, LinkedIn and more. Add the social media icons to your header or footer (or anywhere else you deem appropriate) on your website.

Promote Your Website
Now go promote your website via social media, blogs, other websites, business cards, flyers, your email signature and any other advertising materials you have.

If you would like an audit done on your website to ensure your search engine optimisation (seo) is up to scratch, or assistance with updating content or expanding your website, backing up and monitoring your website security, or you would simply like some advice, then give our friendly Digital Media Team a call on (08) 8269 5260 or email webmaster@forerunner.com.au.