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How to Spot a Fake (Spam) Email


We all receive spamjunk or fake emails on a daily basis. Some people receive 1 or 2 of these emails on a weekly basis, while others receive hundreds every day. There are many words for it, but annoying and frustrating is certainly two of them.

When I receive a spam email, I get delete happy 🙂

Those annoying spammers out there are getting worse by being sneakier and more annoying as they “up” their game by sending emails that look genuine and appear to be from people you know or reputable companies you may deal with.

Here are a few example emails claiming to be from Woolworths:

woolworths gift voucher scam woolworths free groceries scam

Some spam emails are riddled with viruses and malware through links or attachments, others are individuals trying to pull at your heart strings or trying to convince you of inheritance or competition wins.

So, what do you need to look out for to help spot a fake or spam email?

  1. Look at the email layout, does it look like the company’s style?
  2. If the email mentions an account number, or other specific details, are they correct?
  3. Do they ask for your personal details or account information?
  4. Is the email address ‘weird’ and does the domain match the company’s website (e.g. telstra.com.au)?
  5. Does the email specifically mention your name in the email?

It is not always easy to determine if an email is genuine or not, because as I mentioned, they can look legitimate. If you receive ANY emails with an attachment, be very wary if you open it. If you are not expecting the email, you are better off deleting it just in case. If it appears to be from someone you know, but again you are not expecting the attachment, call the person or send them an email (do not reply, open a fresh new email) to ask them. Better safe than sorry!

If you have any concerns, if you’re not sure if an email is legitimate, or your computer has been infected, call our Friendly Tech Team for advice.