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Invoice Scams


Scams have become the norm. There are new scams circulating on a regular basis and something we need to learn to live with but be more aware of what to look for so we don’t get caught out and scammed.

Hackers are intercepting emails with PDF attachments, such as business invoices. What they do with the attachments is how they are scamming hundreds, if not thousands, of people out of their hard-earned money. PDF attachments are being edited with the banking details being changed before sending the email on to the unsuspecting recipient. This is, sadly, a regular occurrence and anyone can be a target of this crime.

In this example below, you can see that the bank name, BSB and Account numbers do not line up properly with the rest of the text. This is one tell-tale sign.

What can you do to avoid being a victim of this type of scam?

If you notice an invoice from someone you regularly pay, has new bank details on it, contact the business by phone and ask for confirmation of the bank details – use a phone number that you know is theirs, NOT any phone number that may appear on the invoice.

Similarly, if the invoice is from someone you haven’t paid before, check the bank details with them first BY PHONE.

Always DOUBLE CHECK banking details!

To avoid being the victim of a cybercrime, learn the common pitfalls and, of course, contact the Forerunner Team if you have any queries or concerned. The team is hear to help you.