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Email Scams … Don’t Get Caught!

Feeling annoyed about receiving tonnes of scam emails everyday? Continue reading !

Do you constantly receive emails from people you don’t know? Do you receive emails with attachments, including .exe and .zip files? If so, then this blog article is for you.

Why people get trapped by those ‘Fraud’ emails ?

Tens of thousands of suspicious emails are sent around the world on a daily basis. It amazes so many people how others can get caught by these ‘fraudulent’ emails. But it is actually not that amazing because some of these emails look incredibly realistic. Take the taxation department (pictured) or Telstra for instance, the fake emails look very realistic. Why would you question a realistic email from a reputable business or organisation that you have actually heard of?

Beware of unknown files – especially .zip and .exe

Our advice to you is …. Do not open any emails you are not sure about. If there is a link in an email, be very cautious when clicking it, or even better yet, do not click it at all unless you are sure it is legitimate … and the most important thing is … PLEASE DO NOT OPEN ATTACHMENTS if you do not know who it is from. The most common dangerous attachments are usually in the form of .zip or .exe. If the email turns out to be legitimate and you have deleted it, whoever sent it can always send it again.

email scam sample

Another point to remember is, banks, the tax department etc. will never send you an email asking you for banking or personal details. If you are unsure, then give them a call (and not using the number provided in the questionable email). This is a problem on an international scale. You are not being personally targeted.

How to cope with it if you do get caught

If you do get caught, your computer is infected or bizarre events start to occur (on your computer that is), then do not panic, disconnect the computer from the internet and take your computer to a reputable business who can investigate and assist in saving, or recovering, any lost or infected files.

Just remember, it is better to be cautious than to take the risk and causing serious problems and compromising your computer and data.