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What is Google Analytics?

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If you’re a website owner or administrator, you’ve probably heard about Google Analytics but may not know exactly it is or what it refers to. We thought we would provide you with some information on what it is and why it might be important to your online presence. Google Analytics can be extremely useful to […]

SEM & SEO – What’s the difference?

seo sem puzzle pieces out of a box

If you have a website, you probably have heard of terms like SEM and SEO and may be wondering what the difference is, as they both sound alike! So, what are they? Firstly, SEM is Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Marketing is a form of paid marketing which website owners utilise to increase their website […]

What is a blog and why should I have one?

blogging - woman thinking

Originating in the late 1990’s, a blog is a diary-style entry posted online to inform readers of latest feelings or thoughts on particular subjects. Most commonly, you will find that a blog is built into a website, with posts appearing in reverse chronological order, showing newest articles up the top. Other times, individuals who choose […]

Why is content important to your website?

website content

A lot of the time when a business opts for a new website, they conduct a lot of research about the design and features they want on the website, however, more often than not, content is forgotten about until the development stage of the website, hence the reason why some websites take longer than usual […]