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The Most Popular Messaging Platforms Compared

messaging platforms

With a world of technology, texting and messaging has become a way of life to keep in contact with friends and family and now there are so many platforms and applications being used to send messages compared to what was around 10 years ago. Despite the fact that older generations like the Baby Boomers and […]

Younique is Unique

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Most women, and many men, have been to hosted product parties at a friend or family member’s home. Everything from makeup and candles, to scrap-booking and adult’s only products. I’ve been invited to many, some have been great, and I’ve even purchased something (of course, there’s no pressure) not only because it supported my friend’s […]

10 Ways to Promote your Business Online

promote business online

These days, there are several ways to promote your business online. Here, we look into some of the most popular ways of advertising your business, in order to drive traffic and increase revenue. Before you start sending traffic your way, we can’t stress enough about how important it is to have a fresh, sophisticated and […]

Top 5 Website Mistakes

top 5 website mistakes

What are 5 top mistakes made when launching a website? These days, with billions of domain names registered, with a large majority directing to websites, it’s largely important that your online presence is as good as it can be. Here, we look into the top 5 mistakes made when launching a website. Mistake #1 – […]

What should every website have?

web design mindmap

When it comes to building a website, a lot of people wonder what needs to be considered when having a website built. Since we have been building websites for years, we thought we would tell you what every website should have and what needs to be well thought out. The first thing you will need […]

How to Use Instagram

instagram app

Are you interested in joining the online world of photos and videos, Instagram? Here’s your basic guide to setting up and using Instagram. Installing Instagram Go to the App Store on your device Type Instagram into the search bar Find it in the search results (it usually appears on the top) and click Get and Install […]

Social Media Sensations

worldwide social media representation map

The internet has completely revolutionised the way to become famous. One of the ways to become popular and instantly famous these days is through social media. Social medias such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube can create the easiest niche you need to become a celebrity. This niche can just be only a few seconds […]