Hardware & Operating System Upgrades

Improve Speed & Performance

Computer speed and performance can slow down and decrease for a range of reasons including lack of computer memory/space, and age.

Our IT Technicians can test your computer’s hardware performance and upgrade the memory to a larger or faster module, if required.

Another popular option is to replace the hard drive with a solid state drive, or SSD. SSDs are reliable, energy efficient and fast. These drives increase the overall speed of a compatible computer and allow for the demands of running multiple applications simultaneously and general multi-tasking needs of the user.

Watch our video comparing a standard hard drive and a solid state drive, and be amazed at the difference.

Operating system upgrade installation

Operating System Upgrade

Update your current operating system to meet security and operating system fixes, or simply upgrade to the current available operating systems that is compatible with your hardware.

Our Tech Team can help you make the right decision for you and ensure your data is safe during the upgrade process.

We can also provide training in how to use, and navigate, the new operating system interface if you require.

Video & Graphics Cards

The quality of video and graphics cards can change your computer experience.

There is a wide range of cards available, ranging from general desktop video cards for day to day use, through to high end graphic cards suitable for graphic design, multimedia and gaming.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will help you find the right solution that is compatible with your computer and suits your budget.

Video Graphics Card
Computer CD/DVD Drives

Processors, RAM, CD/DVD Drives and more…

When it comes to hardware upgrades and additions, there are almost endless options. Forerunner can install secondary CD/DVD drives, blu-ray readers and burners, serial ports, extra USB or firewire ports, and expansion cards for extra functionality.

Have you run out of storage space on your computer? We can look at your computer, review the specifications, and provide a solution for increasing RAM, or implementing another storage solution.

Contact our friendly Tech Team to discuss how you can get the most out of your computer.