Newsletters (Digital & Print)

Maintain contact with your customers

Newsletters are a great way to build and maintain relationships with your customers, and to promote what has been happening in your business, school or organisation. News articles on topics of interest, resources, achievements and dates for upcoming events are often included.

Newsletters help customers feel engaged with businesses which can lead to repeat business. While potential customers are more likely use a business’ services and buy their products when they know more about them and how they work.

Forerunner’s Digital Media Team will work with you to design and produce a newsletter design that suits your business or organisation. If you require a copywriter or would like Forerunner to regularly produce your newsletter, contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Print and Digital Newsletters
Creative design for print newsletters

Printed Newsletters

Printed newsletters stand out and generally have a higher response rate than digital versions. People prefer to read printed materials rather than reading online.

Forerunner’s Digital Media Team can design and setup a printed newsletter template for your business. You can choose to manage the newsletter yourself or our team can do this for you. You simply provide the content and your specific requirements.

We can also source quotations from reliable printing companies if required.

Digital Newsletters

Digital newsletters are growing in popularity and can be distributed by email, social media and/or uploaded to your website. Digital newsletters are less expensive than printed versions and can be sent more often.

We can design and setup a template for you. We can train you in how to generate online newsletters from our template and manage your distribution lists, or you may ask us to manage it for you.

Regardless of the design and style of your newsletter, talk to our friendly team to make it a reality.

Designing quality online digital newsletters