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Social Media vs Websites

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Social media and websites are both important, for different reasons. They go hand in hand, and in today’s society, it is important for businesses and organisations to use both to market themselves and engage with their audience.  Social mediaSocial media is great for helping connect businesses with their target audience, building their brand and reputation, […]

Cyberbullying – Online Abuse

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Cyberbullying, online abuse, is a crime and one that is on the rise. Hurting others it never okay. With the internet, and social media platforms, being so widely available, individuals and groups, both children and adults, have more opportunities to target others. It is easier to sit behind a screen and abuse others, than do […]

Monitoring Employee Social Media

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Is today’s society becoming too protective and restricted? Lately, it seems as though people’s opinions are squashed, and some are prevented from speaking up at all especially with censorship, monitoring and even data collection. With the forever evolving technology advances, and increased accessibility and audience, it’s hard knowing where to draw the line. Social Media […]

The Most Popular Messaging Platforms Compared

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With a world of technology, texting and messaging has become a way of life to keep in contact with friends and family and now there are so many platforms and applications being used to send messages compared to what was around 10 years ago. Despite the fact that older generations like the Baby Boomers and […]

Younique is Unique

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Most women, and many men, have been to hosted product parties at a friend or family member’s home. Everything from makeup and candles, to scrap-booking and adult’s only products. I’ve been invited to many, some have been great, and I’ve even purchased something (of course, there’s no pressure) not only because it supported my friend’s […]

Website Investments – How much are websites?

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A few weeks ago we published an article about why it’s important to own a website. The top 6 reasons included: Your competitors most probably have a website. Having a website can increase productivity and reduce calls. Proving credibility as a business. You’re advertising 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Professional Email Addresses. […]

The Importance of owning a Website

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Why is owning a website important? There are several reasons as to why owning a website is important. These days, we still stumble across businesses that don’t have an online presence, which can be quite detrimental and destructive to revenue and sales. Every day, small businesses across Australia are missing out on income, simply because […]

Successful Facebook Marketing

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If you have been actively following our tech tips or blog, you would have come across one we released in May called “10 Ways to Promote your Business Online“, where we mentioned that Facebook is a good place to start in conjunction with business promotion. Today, we wanted to delve a bit further into successful […]

How Technology Has Changed Fundraising and Awareness

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Technology has changed how the world works on so many levels, from how we communicate with others, how we run our businesses, and how we complete everyday errands and tasks. Technology is used in most aspects of our daily lives. This, of course, has its pros and cons. Charities and not-for-profit organisations are definitely in […]

10 Ways to Promote your Business Online

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These days, there are several ways to promote your business online. Here, we look into some of the most popular ways of advertising your business, in order to drive traffic and increase revenue. Before you start sending traffic your way, we can’t stress enough about how important it is to have a fresh, sophisticated and […]