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Cyberbullying – Online Abuse

teen girl bullied via social media

Cyberbullying, online abuse, is a crime and one that is on the rise. Hurting others it never okay. With the internet, and social media platforms, being so widely available, individuals and groups, both children and adults, have more opportunities to target others. It is easier to sit behind a screen and abuse others, than do […]

Photography, Nudity & Internet

parental advisory explicit

Photography, nudity and the internet/social media! When these are separated there is little debate, but when put together, opinions, outrage and legal action get involved. What is considered appropriate and inappropriate in regards to adult men and women on the internet? Then there’s the issue of children and nudity on the internet? Who determines this […]

Are children getting too much screen time?

children on smart phones

Screen time is a term used to describe time spent in front of televisions, computers, smartphones and tablets. Most screen time these days comes from the use of mobile phones and tablets. What some parents don’t realise when they give their 6-year-old a phone is that there are several issues linked to too much screen […]