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Building Gaming PCs – What’s Involved?

At Forerunner Computers, there isn’t much we can’t fix in the way of computers or laptops and there certainly isn’t anything we can’t build, so when it comes to building PCs (even a gaming PC) to suit particular needs, we are confident we can do this within budget.

These days, gaming is a hobby for many people and can become quite competitive, so it’s important to gamers that they have the best gaming experience they can possibly have. In terms of PC gaming, there are many reasons that people choose to game on PC compared to consoles. For some, games for PC are often cheaper than those purchased for consoles like Playstation and xBox, so this is purely the deciding factor. For others, PC gaming is what they grew up with. In terms of consoles, you can’t upgrade the hardware, like you can on PCs, so more and more people these days use computers over consoles for gaming, for this reason.

Last month we were approached to build a gaming PC, which we were pretty excited to build, so we wanted to share some of our knowledge with you.

Before we delve into parts and necessities for gaming computers, building a PC can turn into a more expensive project than you would hope for, so while we can recommend certain parts and requirements for gaming technology, it’s always important to do a little bit of research into what you want and get an overall feel for the budget you’re wanting to work with.

Apart from budget, the second thing we usually like to know when building a computer is what it is being used for. In this case, since we are delving into gaming computers, it’s important to know what you need in order to run your games. For instance, if you’re playing high end games like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided or Ark: Survival Evolved, you should be aware that you may require a strong graphics card, CPU and good amount of RAM because on high settings where these games can look fantastic they can put a lot of strain on your computer’s hardware whereas, if you’re playing a game like Minecraft, Civilization V or Stardew Valley, you might not need to focus on graphics card or CPU as much, given that your game doesn’t require as many computer resources to operate.

Forerunner gaming PC

Regardless of whether you are building a gaming PC or just a standard PC, there are several parts that can end up costing more than others. The most expensive parts that make up a PC are graphics card, along with CPU and if you elect for SSD drives these can also cost more, while the cheapest parts are case, optical drives and RAM.

It’s vital to know when building a PC what parts you should be looking at and in what order. Generally speaking, choosing your preferred processor (CPU), which will include your basic fan is the first thing to do. Secondly, you will need to find a compatible motherboard for the processor, followed by your RAM next and a graphics card (GPU) that will fit with your motherboard. With these components carefully chosen, the next step is choosing your drive (HDD or SSD), then your DVD/CD drive and operating system. The final step to hardware is to choose your power supply. As the power supply needs to power all the hardware that makes up the computer, be sure to choose the right supply/ wattage.

After hardware, you will need to find a suitable case to fit it all into. Commonly, it’s quite easy to find a case for all your hardware, but we will say that the graphics card is something that can often throw you off, so ensure you keep the size of the graphics card in mind when choosing a case.

All in all, it’s usually easiest having an expert build your computer for you. We are always happy to help source the right parts for the PC of your dreams within budget, so contact us today.