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An insight into WordPress

Chances are, if you have looked into content management systems, you’ve heard of WordPress. According to WordPress, it powers 27% of the internet, which makes it the most popular content management system around.

So, what is WordPress all about?

WordPress is an open-source content management system used to power websites. It hides behind websites allowing website administrators to edit the content that appears on the front end of their website swiftly without hassle.

Within this content management system, you have the option of editing several aspects of your site. These aspects include; the content, layout, colours and images. Among these and many other advantages, one in particular is that WordPress has many customisable themes for websites which are responsive, meaning websites are mobile friendly when viewed on mobile phones or tablets.

Is it difficult to edit website content?

Editing a website doesn’t sound simple to do for some, however, WordPress makes this easy!

WordPress doesn’t require any HTML knowledge at all, since each page is fitted with an editor that looks similar to content editors that you would see in programs like Microsoft Word. This editor is called a “Whysiwyg” editor. It stands for “What You See Is What You Get”. WordPress is that it also has a front-end website editor, allowing you to preview changes before they are published, which is a feature that a lot of content management systems don’t have. This makes editing extremely easy.

What are the benefits?

Also available are quite a number of plugins which have been developed. These are all on the WordPress website. All plugins can be installed easily in your website’s backend of WordPress to enhance the look/ feel and features on the front end of your website.

An advantage to running WordPress is that your website will be search engine friendly. Too often than not, there are websites that are not search engine friendly, meaning they never appear on Google. All themes for WordPress have been designed in such a way so that they are search engine friendly. This ensures that when a phrase is searched on Google which is on your website, that your website is present in Google.

There are many plugins and features for WordPress that assist you in ensuring that the search engine optimisation (SEO) on your website is sufficient. WordPress will also give you tips as to how you can improve your content to assure your website is seen in Google.

When compared to other content management systems, a huge benefit about WordPress is that when new threats are detected, security patches are released in updates to minimise website vulnerabilities.