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How to Set up a Facebook Account

Are you  interested in joining the Facebook online community? Here’s your guide to creating and setting up a Facebook Account.

Completing Registration Form

  1. Go to Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/)
  2. Fill in the registration form and click Create an account to create your account.

Email Validation

If you used your email address as your login username, you are required to validate the email address (*please make sure you have entered a valid email address).

  1. Log into your email account with your preferred mail client (e.g. Google, outlook, Yahoo!, iCloud etc.)
  2. Find an email from Facebook with the subject – “Just one more step to get started on Facebook”.
  3. Click Confirm Your Account to activate.

Mobile Validation

If you used a mobile number as your username, you need to enter a verification code.

  1. Check the messages on your phone (please note that it might take a few minutes to receive)
  2. Type in the verification code
  3. Click Continue to finalise the verification


Adding Your Profile Photo

  1. Click the your first name in the top menu.
  2. After being directed to your profile page, click Add Photo to change your profile image.

Adding Friends

1. You can search for people through various methods including:

  1. Immediate searching by names, emails.
  2. Search filter.
  3. Importing your contact list from email lists.

2. Once you have found people you wish to add, click Add Friend to send a request.

More Settings and Tools

  1. Click the “down arrow” in the rightmost location of the top menu.
  2. Click Settings to view the settings page, where you can manage all your settings.

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