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Choosing a Brand or Domain Name

Where do you start when choosing a brand or domain name? 

Here are a few things to think about when you are looking at creating a new brand or domain name. Whether it is for business or a hobby, there are a lot of factors you should consider before committing to a name.

Initial Thoughts – Write down a list of ideas that come to mind as a starting point

Keywords – Think of keywords that could work as part of the domain/brand name

Purpose – The name should have a purpose or meaning that relates to the product/service/idea

Easy to Remember – It needs to be something that people will remember

Short –  Not too long or complicated (max of 65 characters)

Punctuation – Avoid hyphens where possible

Visual Appeal – How does the name look?

Availability – Is the name available as a domain, on social media networks etc?

Numbers – Avoid using numbers unless it is highly relevant to the idea

Individuality – Choose something that is unique, makes you stand out from the crowd

Spelling – Are words in your name spelt different in overseas (e.g. z instead of s)

Meaning – Does your name have multiple meanings and are they positive or negative?

Flexible – Is the name flexible to change in case of changes in business direction

Logo – How will your name be transformed into or fit with a logo?

A good brand and/or domain name is easy to say, easy to identify with and understand what it’s all about, looks appealing and isn’t too complex.

We suggest coming up with a list of ideas and asking your friends and family for feedback on the names, to find out what’s appealing to your target market.

If you’d like to discuss domain names and/or register one, then don’t hesitate to contact Forerunner’s Digital Media Team today.