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What is Pinterest?

Pinterest – A Great Social Networking Site 

I am sure we have all heard of it from others or it being mentioned on other social networking sites, but what does Pinterest actually do? Well I had a look into it for you, someone who has never used or looked at Pinterest before, and I found it rather delightful!

Pinterest allows users to share and discover new interests by posting images or videos linked to articles on their individual ‘boards.’ Other users with similar interests can browse these boards and ‘pin’ them to their own. Using a very visual direction, the social network focuses on the concept of a person’s lifestyle allowing you to share interests, ideas, concepts and tastes and discovering likeminded people. Pinterest’s goal is to ‘connect everyone in the world through the things they find interesting.’ Users can either pin/ upload images from their computer or from around the web using the Pinterest bookmark that is downloaded on your internet toolbar upon signing up.

Just like other social media websites, users are able to follow other users’ boards, like and comment on pins and re-pin content onto their own boards. You can also share pins to Facebook and Twitter and embed individual pins to your website or blog.

This is a great networking site to find out more about subjects or what interests you from others and can even give you great ideas for your next party or function. If you’re into arts and crafts, there is plenty of DIY projects and design inspirations from everything to clothing to your home décor.

As much as this website is for individual hobbyists, Pinterest is also great for businesses. In 2012, Pinterest launched an account businesses can use to advertise and promote online. Businesses can use their board as a sort of catalogue, displaying their products for viewers to see and share.

Pinterest is extremely simple to use and can be picked up with ease. Creating a log in is also easy and free!  You can create a log in with only a few easy steps and you’re in. The website will prompt you into allowing a Pinterest button to be visible on your internet task bar (the bookmark mentioned before), it’s up to you whether you would like it but it does help if your surfing the net and you find something, like an article or recipe, to save onto your ‘board.’  Then, it will ask you which 5 topics you are most interested in for example, fashion, photography, fishing etc. After you have completed that, it will show you boards you can pin to your boards. You can organise your boards by name and whether you would like them to be seen or be private. Then, go exploring! Pin what you like from others or from websites to your boards. The boards include photos, short videos and can link you to articles on a website.

This is a great website to help you be inspired for that house renovation or find a theme for your next party. There is also an app for both iOS and Android, have a look in your app store. Just explore, never know what you might discover next!

If you are interested in signing up (and again, it’s free!) click this link: https://au.pinterest.com/