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The World of emojis!

Who doesn’t love emojis!

Due to the ever popular form of instant conversation through text or a messenger app of some kind, we have been introduced to the world of emoji’s!

If you really think about it, it’s like we have gone back to when hieroglyphics were all the rage in Egypt. But rather than using those outdated pictures, we have a very nice selection of smiley faces, hearts, flags, food and everything else in between.  We use them to express anger or love, happiness or even if we are just having a cup of coffee! However, sometimes they can be confusing or used for another meaning than what they were intended for.

Here are a few examples of some emoji’s where you may have no idea what they are. In some cases, these explanations may prove that you are actually using them with the wrong intentions.

Emoji 1 – Sad crying face? Tired sweaty face?
Turns out, this is a sleepy face. With a snot bubble. What the?? Apparently, in Japanese cartoons, snot bubbles are symbols for hitting the ZZZZ’s pretty hard. Would never have guessed that….

Emoji 2 – Sassy, hair flip lady right?
Nope, this is an ‘information desk person.’ This is just someone that could help you find the toilets in a museum or something. Disappointing.

Emoji 3 – I don’t really have any ideas with this one! Sniff my pitts?
This is actually a full body version of the ‘OK’ hand signal. Who would have thought!

Emoji 4 – This is totally pea soup!
Well, I’m wrong. Its actually green tea, its tradition in Japan to serve it in a ‘handless’ teacup.

Emoji 5 – A tag of some sort? Possibly a necklace?
Nope, wrong yet again. It’s a bookmark guys.

Emoji 6 – A pretty shooting star!
Wrong again. It’s actually the swirls you see over a cartoon characters head if they are dizzy or confused.

Emoji 7 – This is the face of someone complaining or distressed right?
This is actually the face you make when you yawn! It all makes sense now… somehow.

Emoji 8 – HIGH FIVE! Or I send a prayer to you.
In Japanese culture, holding your hands like this symbolises ‘thank you’ and ‘please.’ It was intended to be used to show gratitude.

Emoji 9 – A gloomy painting of a landscape…
This is a traditional Japanese playing card used in a variety of games. They are called Hanafuda. There you go, you learnt something today!

Emoji 10 – Playboy bunnies?
YES! I just wanted to confirm, these are in fact the ‘off brand’ version of playboy bunnies!

What’s your favourite emoji?