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Best Apps for your Body, Health and Mind!

Get Fit and Healthy With These Great Apps 

I have come up with a list of some of the best FREE apps to assist your overall health goals just in time for those New Year resolutions. These apps are for your body, health and mind. Whether it’s losing weight, eating better or even learning a new language, there is an app for you.


FitStar Personal Trainer
Compatible with iOS

This app becomes your own personal trainer, without paying the big bucks! FitStar personal trainer assess your needs and fitness levels by asking some simple questions at the end of each training session. That way, every workout can be a challenge but doesn’t exhaust you. This program is good from beginners, to fitness fanatics – was created by former NFL star Tony Gonzalez.

Nike + Training Club
Compatible with iOS and Android

This app offers over 100 workouts crafter by Nike master trainers for all fitness levels. Select your fitness goal (get toned, lean strong focused etc) and you will find easy step by step workout plans including rest days! Each individual workout includes video tutorials you can follow to ensure the best training results.

Runtastic Six Pack Abs
Compatible with iOS and Android

Getting a six pack can be hard (trust me, I’ve tried) but strengthening your core has never been easier thanks to this app, Runtastic Six Pack Abs. Choose between your training avatar Daniel or Angie and select you work out programs. These programs range anywhere from 10 to 30 days. I haven’t mentioned the best part yet, this app includes ‘slo-mo’ videos of trainers to learn from to ensure you are exercising correctly and avoid any injuries.

Compatible with iOS and Android

Your device’s camera isn’t only good for those workout selfies, with this app, the camera helps you get ahead on achieving your fitness goals. As you follow workout videos, the Fitnet uses the camera on your device to measure how well you are keeping up with the training program, such as stopping in the middle or falling out of step. Fitnet also provides feedback to ensure you are constantly improving.

WOD Deck of Cards
Compatible with iOS and Android

If you think the WOD (work out of the day) at your local CrossFit or boot camp was difficult, I have found a way to make it even more marvellous! Choose the four exercises you want to focus on (one for each suit of cards) and then see what comes up first in the deck. Fingers crossed it’s not 10 burpees! Keep drawing cards until you either finish the deck, or reach a point of exhaustion!

Compatible with iOS and Android

No gym? No time? No problem! This app Sworkit is designed for those busy people like us with high intensity work outs that you can custom from 5 minutes to an hour long. Choose the style of exercise (strength, cardio, yoga or stretching) and Sworkit will list dozens of workout, or, custom build your own workout. Every set is easy to follow with quality videos and a countdown clock.

Charity Miles
Compatible with iOS and Android

Between running, cycling, and walking, not only can this app help you, every mile you achieve can earn money for dozens of different charities. With the help of corporate sponsors, Charity Miles, donataes 10c for every mile cycled and 25c for every mile ran or walked. As you add up the miles, you can make a huge health change for yourself and a big different for an organisation that matters to you.


Compatible with iOS and Android

Counting calories has never been easier, thanks to this robust app, MyFitnessPal! You are able to log almost all meals in under a minute by searching the apps extensive database of brand name foods. However if you made something from scratch or from your won recipe, input the recipe and the app will estimate the nutritional information. Once you regularly use MyFitnessPal, it saves your favourite foods and can be added to your daily intake with a tap of a button!

Noom Coach
Compatible with iOS and Android

Putting together a food diary can help improve eating habits, aid in weight loss and general wellbeing. But this could involve a lot of math with estimating portion sizes and counting calories. Noom does all the heavy counting for you! Thanks to its extensive database that knows exactly how many calories are in your burrito or steakhouse burger! After tracking your food intake, the Noom Coach suggests simple changes for a healthier lifestyle. The app also invites you to groups made up of similar people on weight loss journeys making it easier to share experiences and motivate each other.

Compatible with iOS and Android

I don’t know about you, but when it comes for me to choose what to have for dinner I’m always stuck between eating out or eating healthy. This app however, proves there can be a happy arrangement between the two! Plug in your address and add filters of dietary requirements, cuisine, ingredients etc. HealthyOut will offer dozens of restaurants that meet your requirements and even notes the healthiest choice on the menu.

Compatible with iOS and Android

This clever little app takes the mystery out of nutrition labels (okay is says low sodium, but is that low for my requirements?) ShopWell creates personal profiles for the users such as age, gender, health goals, things they are allergic to etc. Then once this is complete, you can head to the grocery store and begin scanning barcodes. ShopWell will give the item a score, low isn’t the best and high is good. Scoop up the items closest to perfect, 100.

Kitchen Stories
Compatible with iOS and Android

Thanks to Kitchen Stories, you don’t have to be a professional chef to create restaurant quality cuisine! Select from the dozens of recipes in the app and you will find the app provides photographed step-by-step instructions. It even includes videos to ensure you master the harder techniques. Each recipe comes with a difficulty rating, prep time, nutritional information and a quick way to make a shopping list for the ingredients you have to purchase.


Compatible with iOS and Android

Learning a new language can be very challenging and daunting. By this clever app Duolingo makes the process a lot less scary and stressful by turning learning into a series of games. The lessons/ games teach reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. And, my favourite part, the lessons are cut down to make it easy to learn a language on the go, whether you are in line in a grocery store or during your morning commute.

Compatible with iOS and Android

I’m guilty of this, we spend plenty of time exercising our bodies but what about exercising our minds? This app takes traditional tasks practiced by neuroscience researches and turn them into fin games. These games and improve everything from your memory to problem solving. All you have to do is set aside 15 minutes of your day three times a week and see how learning can be all fun and games!


Sleep Bug
Compatible with iOS and Android

Can’t fall asleep due to noisy neighbours, barking dog or constant traffic? Sleep Bug is the perfect app for you. With their on-demand white noise machine, be transported to a luxurious paradise, such as a beach, zen garden or jungle. Custom the timer and add noises (like rain or an animal call) to your paradise.

Compatible with iOS and Android

This app specifically targets us women. Glow allows you to be in tune with your body with a super sophisticated ovulation calendar that tracks ovulation, mood swings, symptoms and medication to help pinpoint your next period. Whether you are trying to fall pregnant or avoiding it, this app can help give recommendations of when to hit the sheets!!

Compatible with iOS and Android

Rather than researching your symptoms on ‘Dr. Google’ next time you’re feeling under the weather, pull up this app instead. iTriage was developed by two ER doctors so it’s a little bit more reliable than Google. The app will ask you a series of questions to try and pinpoint your possible illness. Once it works out a few possibilities, iTriage assists you in your next plan of action, do you require more rest? Trip to the GP? Or recommend a trip to emergency?