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The importance of online reviews for your business, and how it can benefit your online presence

According to an online survey by Nielsen, online reviews play an important role in the decision making of more than 90 percent of customers today.

Whether you are offering a service or product, potential customers who are new to your brand will more than likely research and read about you online through various websites, social media platforms and search engine results.

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Online reviews can also have a great impact on the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of your website and the driving of quality traffic to your business website.

Websites, such as womo, yelp, google reviews, facebook, and trip advisor are a good starting point if you are just getting started with online reviews for your business.

We have compiled a few reasons as to why online reviews are important and how online reviews can improve your business visibility online and drive more customers to your business.

.01 Simple and free to setup

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Most review websites are free to join and create an account. A lot of these websites allow customers to list a business and comment about them online, so you might be surprised to find your business is already listed and all you have to do is claim it as being yours.

.02 Credibility for your brand

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Because 79 percent of people trust online reviews, having customer reviews online adds credibility to your brand, services and products. Improving your online reputation is crucial, especially if you are a small business or a start-up.

.03 Increased traffic to your website

Having backlinks to your business website through high ranking websites such as womo, yelp, trip advisor will provide search engines, such as Google and Bing, with an indication that your brand is trustworthy. Being listed in high ranking websites also increases your trust factor with search engines.

.04 Customer relationship

Online review sites are sometimes used by businesses to stay in touch with customers either locally or world-wide. It is a good platform to learn about what your customers think, and how you can continue to improve your product, or service, and in turn, your relationship with your customers.

This can also lead to following up with positive feedback, negative comments or unhappy customers. This is crucial as it shows that you do not ignore your customers and care about their opinion, regardless of it being good or bad.

.05 Leverage off reviews

Using customer reviews to promote your business is an effective way of marketing your business and show potential customers that you have a trusted clientele.

Customer reviews can also lead to improved or new offerings from businesses. It is a great way to engage with your customers and learn their needs.

.06 Marketing platform

womo coupon deal

Online review websites can also be used to promote specials, sales, coupons and deals to potential customers. Websites, such as WOMO (womo.com.au), allows you to create deals for potential and current customers. You can set the deal/offer, terms and conditions.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the websites we have mentioned above and start asking your customers to review your business today!