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Google ‘mobile-geddon’ is on our doorstep already. Is your website mobile-friendly?

Why should you have a Mobile-friendly or Responsive website? 

Google has made a significant change to their search engine algorithm, bigger than Panda and Penguin updates. The change will affect website rankings when searching on a mobile device through Googles’ search platforms.

Google having more than 60% of the search share market, is moving ahead to bring a better browsing experience to mobile end-users. What this means is mobile-friendly websites will be favoured in Google search results over non mobile-friendly ones when a search is perform on a mobile device.

How do I check if my website is Mobile-friendly or Responsive?

Google has provided a tool for testing your site, there are one only 2 results either your website is mobile responsive or is not.

To test your website follow this link:  https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/

We have compared our current website with a client’s old website that we are currently re-designing.

What can I do if my website fails the above test?

There are a few possibilities you could explore, depending on your current website age and platform.

01. If your website is built with a Content Management System (CMS), the easiest way to upgrade to a mobile-friendly website is to update your website theme and plugins to mobile responsive. This might involve getting in touch with your website developer who understands mobile responsive terminologies as a new theme may be required.

02. If you have an old website which has been hand coded, this is a good opportunity to get your website re-designed to fit a CMS. Some advantages of having a CMS site includee easier to manage content, improved security, better SEO and Mobile-friendliness.

03. For those on a very low budget, another option would be to create a one page sub domain, for example, mobile.sitename.com.au, this will allow you to have a page which will be rendered appropriately on a mobile device, with the basic details of your business, such as contact information, opening hours and products and services.

If you are unsure of how this all affects you, or you would like to discuss how to make your website conform, then contact our Digital Media Team today on 8269 5260 or webmaster@forerunner.com.au

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