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Top 5 Website Mistakes

top 5 website mistakes

What are 5 top mistakes made when launching a website? These days, with billions of domain names registered, with a large majority directing to websites, it’s largely important that your online presence is as good as it can be. Here, we look into the top 5 mistakes made when launching a website. Mistake #1 – […]

What should every website have?

web design mindmap - Forerunner Computer Systems Adelaide

When it comes to building a website, a lot of people wonder what needs to be considered when having a website built. Since we have been building websites for years, we thought we would tell you what every website should have and what needs to be well thought out. The first thing you will need […]

Why is content important to your website?

website content

A lot of the time when a business opts for a new website, they conduct a lot of research about the design and features they want on the website, however, more often than not, content is forgotten about until the development stage of the website, hence the reason why some websites take longer than usual […]