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The History of Google Services

Google sign

Now, the most popular search engine and well-known for other products such as Android, Google originated in 1998 by two Ph.D students from the Standford University in California named Larry Page and Sergey Brin. While Google wasn’t the first search engine to exist, it did become the most widely used fairly quickly after. Google is […]

Blue Light Exposure – How bad is it really?

blue light laptop

A few months ago, we published an article about whether children are getting too much screen time. In this article, we touched base on blue light exposure from smartphones and how it is detrimental to health, however, now the question is whether you’re getting too much screen time as an adult, especially at night. These […]

A Review – The Fossil Q Wander Watch

Fossil Q Wander Watch

In the process of looking for a smartwatch to integrate with my Android phone, I came across the Fossil Q Wander. I thought the design of this watch looked absolutely stunning that I had to buy it! The one I purchased features a stainless-steel Fossil watch band, with the potential to change watch bands easily. […]

Are children getting too much screen time?

children on smart phones

Screen time is a term used to describe time spent in front of televisions, computers, smartphones and tablets. Most screen time these days comes from the use of mobile phones and tablets. What some parents don’t realise when they give their 6-year-old a phone is that there are several issues linked to too much screen […]

Android and iOS – What’s the difference?

woman excited about her smartphone

When it comes to purchasing a mobile phone and sourcing the best one for you, it’s sometimes hard to choose between the two biggest market competitors, Android and iOS! Firstly, what is Android? Android is the mobile operating system developed by Google in 2007.  If you are purchasing any mobile phone or tablet manufactured by […]

Best Apps for your Body, Health and Mind!

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Get Fit and Healthy With These Great Apps  I have come up with a list of some of the best FREE apps to assist your overall health goals just in time for those New Year resolutions. These apps are for your body, health and mind. Whether it’s losing weight, eating better or even learning a […]