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Ensuring your electrical equipment is safe

Electrical safety in the home and workplace is not an issue to be taken lightly. It is important that tools, appliances and electrical leads are regularly inspected and tested to ensure the safety of yourself and others.

In regards to the Workplace Occupational Health & Safety Legislation, all businesses, sole traders, and contractors are required to have all electrical equipment in the workplace regularly tested and tagged.

Forerunner’s test & tag technicians have received nationally recognised and accredited training and will come to your home or workplace.

Talk to one of our qualified technicians today to ensure you are operating safe electrical equipment.

Forerunner Test & Tag Technician

Test and Tag Procedure

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1: Visual Inspection

We undertake a visual inspection of each electrical device and cord. Any sign of excessive wear, heat, melting plugs and/or loose ends, are considered faulty.

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2: Testing

Our testing includes a polarity test, insulation resistance test, earth resistance test, and current leakage test. These tests ensure that your electrical devices are safe to use and not faulty.

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3: Tagging

Once we have undertaken testing, we will tag devices with the appropriate tag. Our tags display important information about the test and the device, including the next test date.

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4: Reporting

The test results are compiled and sent out to you via post or email. We also keep a record of all tests in the event you require another copy at a later date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I test and tag my electrical devices?

It is the responsibility of employers to provide a workplace that is both safe and without risk to health, under the Occupational Health and Safety Acts in Australia. As part of this responsibility, electrical devices should be tested accordingly.

How often do electrical devices need to be test and tagged?
Test and Tag Table
Who is accountable?

The person conducting a business or undertaking, the employer, is considered to be the person accountable. The Occupational Health & Safety Acts stipulate that this person has a duty of care to provide a safe workplace.

How long will testing and tagging take?

The time taken to test and tag each electrical device varies depending on the device and location. As a guide, a technician may test and tag 15-20 devices in approximately an hour.

What equipment does Forerunner Computer Systems use for testing and tagging?

Forerunner Computer Systems uses portable appliance testers which are used for earth leakage, insulation, earth continuity/bond and polarity tests.

How do I ensure my workplace is compliant in regards to my electrical equipment?

Forerunner Computer Systems provides specialist electrical safety testing. All electrical devices, as specified by the client, is tested and tagged appropriately. Reports are produced and stored as required.

Will testing and tagging damage my electrical devices?

No, test and tagging will not damage electrical devices.

What happens if a device fails testing?

Each failed device will be tagged with a tag stating the device is dangerous and should not be used. The client will be advised of all devices that have failed testing. It will then be the client’s responsibility to have the device repaired or replaced.

How do I get a copy of my test and tag results?

Upon completion of testing and tagging, the technician will compile the results back our office and an electronic version of the report will be emailed to the specified email address. A hard copy will be available upon request.

How long do I need to keep my test and tag records?

Test and tag records should be kept as a reference for the next scheduled test and tag date to compare results and history of each electrical device. Records may be kept in electronic format. Records may be required to be kept for 7 years, or period specified by the relevant regulator.

How much does testing and tagging cost?

A fee will be charged for each individual electrical device. A travel fee will also be charged. Please contact Forerunner Computer Systems for a quote.