Onsite Audits

Detailed Reports on your IT

We can perform an IT audit of your network or entire organisation. The audit will provide you with a report outlining every computer in your organisation, along with its specifications and what software is installed on it. We will also include every printer and network device that you have if required. This report will give you a detailed overview of your IT systems and allow you to plan for future changes and growth.

Forerunner’s software audit will determine what software you have on your company computers as well as showing you whether you are properly licensed for the software you use. This can be of great importance to larger organisations.

As a business, it is extremely important that your computer systems are working efficiently and consistently. If required, our IT Technicians can provide you with recommendations to upgrade or replace any IT equipment that are not meeting your expectations.

Forerunner audits and reports are tailored to include the specific information you require.

Forerunner IT Reports
IT Consultant and Insurance Report

What is in the Report?

The content of an onsite audit report will vary depending on your setup, size and report requirements.

Reports may detail information including:

  • Computer names and specifications
  • Printer names and specifications
  • Networking equipment
  • Server names and specifications
  • Software licences

Forerunner can also prepare reports with upgrade recommendations when required.