Data Recovery and Transfer

Data Recovery

It is devastating when one minute you can see data on your computer, and the next, it is gone!

If there is no data backup, what do you do next?

Contact the Forerunner Team to investigate and analyse the situation. We can analyse hard drives and USB flash drives.

There is no guarantee that our technicians can retrieve your ‘lost’ data, but we have a range of tools and methods that we use that have led to many successful recoveries.

usb flash drive data recovery
computer data transfer

Data Transfer

There are many reasons why data transfer may be required, and our Team are highly experienced in this area.

Our Technicians can copy and transfer profiles and data from one computer to another, old to new.

Are you interested in upgrading your hard drive? We can image your hard drive with specialised software for replication, making the upgrade process run smoothly.

Are you disposing of an old computer but would like to keep a copy of the stored data? Our Team can image the drive into a flat file for safe keeping.