Computer Networks

Set up a reliable network

Businesses rely on their networks, this is why it is so important that reliable network solutions are in place. You can feel confident that we only use high quality and branded equipment for all our installations and repairs. We use brands including Cisco, Netgear and Billion.

Our Tech Team will discuss your requirements and implement the right networking solution for you.

For all your networking requirements, talk to us today.

Computer network setup
Installation and advice

Installation and Advice

Our Team can provide solutions and installation advice for all your networking requirements in your home and office, regardless of how big or small.

Whether you need advice for cabling requirements, switches, routers, modems or other networking equipment, we are here to help.

Our IT Technicians can assist you in maintaining, or upgrading, your existing network, or help you plan and implement an all new network.

Get expert advice from our Tech Team today.

Network Tests and Fault Location

At Forerunner, our Tech Team uses quality testing equipment for cabling and networking infrastructure.

Our specialised equipment can determine cable lengths, if a cable has internal faulty or loose wires, find a required cable, and determine if ‘pairs’ are the wrong way. We can also determine network interference by speeds.

For more information on network tests and fault location, contact Forerunner.

Network test and fault location
ADSL Modem Router

ADSL or NBN Setup and Installation

Our Tech Team can setup your modem router ready for home or business installation, for both new and existing networks. We can name and secure your wireless, and configure internal address range. Get setup and connected to the internet faster with Team at Forerunner.

Do you need advice on which modem or router is compatible, and suitable for, your setup? Ask our friendly Team for professional advice.

VPNs and Firewalls

VPN, or Virtual Private Network,  creates a VPN tunnel between your network and remote network.

A VPN secures and encrypt traffic between two separate locations. You will be able to access your email, printers and servers as if you are sitting in your office.

Firewalls help keep intruders out of your IT network, preventing them from accessing the network through ports. Firewalls scan and detect malicious sites, files emails, and aides in blocking unsafe websites.

Forerunner can help secure your network. Talk to us today.

Computer Protection Firewall
Portable device configuration

Portable Device Configuration

Portable devices play an important role in both the home and business. Forerunner can help configure your portable devices so they perform better for you.

Configure wi-fi to connect and remember your home and/or business network. Set up VPNs and aide in securing personal hotspots. We can also setup email, cloud services, personal hotspots and aid in appstore configuration.

Contact our Tech Team to learn more about the possibilities.