Computer and Laptop Accessories

Everything you need for your PC or laptop

Forerunner can supply and/or install a large range of accessories available for PCs, laptops and tablet devices. Whether it is for your home, business or even gaming use, there are many different brands, models and options to choose from.

For advice on accessories and their compatibility with your PC, laptop or tablet, contact the Forerunner Tech Team.

Computer Accessories
Keyboard Cube


Computer keyboards are the most commonly used device for entering data directly into the computer. Keyboard technology has changed and become more advanced in recent years; there are many different types, styles, and even colours, to choose from depending on your requirements. There are more options than just the traditional ‘typewriter’ keyboard.

A few types include:  ergonomic, corded, wireless, Bluetooth, multimedia, internet, gaming, and tablet keyboards.


A computer mouse enables you to move a cursor around your screen to navigate around your computer and programs, and perform required tasks. Simply point and click (or in some cases, hover).

The computer mouse has evolved and there is almost an endless number to choose from. The type and style of mouse is a personal choice – do you like a large, average or small sized mouse? What colour do you like? With or without a cord? More or less buttons?

Whether you require a computer mouse for your laptop when travelling, playing computer games, or you simply just need a mouse to use your computer in general, there is a wide range for you to try.

Computer Mouse
Computer with speakers


Enhance your computer experience by improving the audio. Connect external speakers to your PC, laptop or tablet device, and take the sound to a whole new level, whether you are watching a video, listening to music, participating in a video conference or webinar.

Discuss your requirements with our Tech Team today to find speakers that provide high quality audio, and are compatible with your computer and other devices.

Portable & External Hard Drives

An external hard drive is a portable device primarily used for data storage. Back up and secure your data by connecting the external hard drive to your computer and copy, or move, files as required. These drives are not only a great way to backup your data, but they are also a convenient method for transporting and transferring data.

There are numerous brands, models and capacities available to choose from. Forerunner only supplies quality brand name external hard drives, and can assist you in understanding how to use them, and how it will work best for your needs.

Laptop with external hard drive
Web camera and devices

Web Cameras

A web camera is a camera that connects to a computer and can be used for real-time video chat and conferencing, when connected to the internet. They are also regularly used for producing videos and video blogs. There are different brands and models available using different technologies.  Web cameras can be connected to desktop computers, laptops and other devices.

Camera technology continues to improve and advance. Talk to our Tech Team about a web camera that is compatible with your computer and will meet the requirements for your required purposes.

Laptop Bags

Laptop bags are a must for anyone with a laptop. These bags are designed specifically to protect and carry laptops. Many have pockets or compartments for your mouse, adapters, power cables and more.

You can buy backpacks, tote style, satchels, briefcases, bags on wheels and even backpacks on wheels. Choose a business or casual style, select a colour and check all the extra compartments and built-in functionality.

The choice of bag is a personal one, just make sure you check the compatibility with your laptop in terms of size.

Forerunner can supply you with a quality-made bag that suits you. Talk to us about your requirements and preferred style.

Laptop bags