Web Security

We take your website security seriously

The security of your website is important to you, your business and your customers. With malware, viruses and hacking continuing to cause havoc for thousands of websites on a daily basis, it is becoming increasingly important that websites are secured and protected as much as possible. If your website becomes infected and in turn infects your customers, this will hurt your business, reputation and revenue.

At Forerunner, we take web security seriously. We will monitor your website and in the event an issue arises we will alert you, initiate the ‘clean-up”, and have your wesite back up and running as soon as possible.

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Monitoring your website security
Website Security Monitoring

Security Monitoring

Our web security monitoring allows us to monitor and scan (remote and server-side) your website for security vulnerabilities, outdated software and plugins that may lead to security vulnerabilities, WHOIS modifications, Domain Name System (DNS) changes, and SSL Certification changes.

Forerunner monitors your website for signs of ‘brute force attacks’ involving numerous failed attempts to log into your site. We can implement lock outs and we can even block specific IP addresses and/or countries from accessing or even viewing your website. This service also provides activity auditing, effective hardening and file integrity checks.

If any problems or potential issues arise, our Team will be alerted and will notify you and respond to the problem appropriately.

Malware Monitoring

Forerunner’s Malware Monitoring Service uses tools and software to monitor your website when subscribed to this service. The scanning feature is a solution developed to intelligently crawl and identify infections across any platform. The scanner leverages internal definitions that are refined daily, external sources, and intelligence to identify both potentially harmful signatures and anomalies that may not be known.

Monitored websites are scanned every 3-6 hours and notifications are sent directly to Forerunner’s Digital Media Team if any suspected issues are detected. If malware or blacklisting has been detected, we will notify you and initiate the clean up process (this is included depending on your selected hosting or security package).

Virus infected laptop
Clean your website

Getting your site clean and back online

If your website has been infected with malware, Forerunner’s Digital Media Team will initiate the cleaning process. This process involves cleaning the following from your website: hidden and malicious iFrames, embedded trojans, phishing, malicious redirects, backdoors, defacement, dirty search engine result pages, spam / obfuscated JavaScript / drive by download injections, and major search engine blacklistings.

Please note that a backup of your website files will be required if the infection is considered extremely serious and cannot be ‘cleaned’.

Even if you do not use Forerunner’s website security and malware monitoring services, we can help you get your website back online.

Website Security Plans

Forerunner offers security plans which are primarily for websites not hosted by Forerunner Computer Systems. Our security plans include monitoring services and preventative measures that will assist in protecting your website.

Contact Forerunner’s Digital Media Team today to discuss a customised solution.

Individual services

Contact us for information and pricing on individual security options and services, including:

  • Additional malware clean ups
  • Security Monitoring
  • Security Hardening
  • WordPress CMS Maintenance
  • Cloud Proxy Firewall
This service assists in preventing malware and blacklisting, stops DDOS and Brute Force Attacks, detects filters and blocks attacks. Added security protection.