Website Backups

Every website should be backed up

It is extremely important that your website, and all associated files, are backed up and stored safely. Backing up your website is no different to backing up files located on your computer; it is the best way to ‘save’ your website should something go wrong.

What could go wrong? Why would you need a backup of your website when it is safely stored somewhere on the internet? Unfortunately, like everything else, there is no 100% guarantee that your website is safe. Your website could be hacked, defaced or infected with malware. Crucial files could be deleted (even by accident), or the host server could be hacked, infected or go ‘down’.

Backup is an important step to take. Start backing up your website today.

Website hacker attacks
Website Backup

What do we backup?

Forerunner schedules daily or weekly backups for all sorts of websites as required. Your entire website is backed up including pages, images, multimedia files, databases and administrator files.

In the event something unfortunate happens to your website, Forerunner will have access to a full backup enabling us to restore your website to the last backup point.

Forerunner’s Digital Media Team conducts regular backup tests by randomly selecting backups and running a test restore to ensure backups are working in the event a backup restore is required.

Recovering your website

If your website is unlucky enough to be hacked, defaced, infected with a virus or malware, or another mysterious event occurs, Forerunner’s Digital Media Team will restore your website back to the last backup point. This is disaster recovery for your website.

If your website is not backed up, we will investigate and determine if we can ‘clean’ or recover files, and fix your website. We strongly recommend regularly backing up your website in the event an unfortunate event occurs. If you do not have a working backup, your website may need to be re-built from scratch.

Website road to recovery

Forerunner’s website backup plans are suitable for most websites, regardless of their host location and set up. Contact our Team today to discuss your requirements and we can tailor a backup plan that suits you.