Managed Web Hosting

Forerunner Hosting Services

Web hosting is an important requirement if your website is to be published and view-able online. At Forerunner, we have a proven track record having managed the hosting of client websites for over 10 years.

Forerunner can assist you in a range of hosting services, whether you need a website hosted or just the DNS for a domain.

We can setup your hosting and manage it, help you transfer from one host to another, and give you peace of mind.

Our managed hosting packages are full of great features including malware monitoring, security monitoring, and regular backups.

If your hosting requirements do not fit into one of our managed hosting plans, then contact us to discuss a customised plan.

Forerunner managed hosting solutions
Why choose Forerunner to design your website

Why host your website with us?

Forerunner Computer Systems has many years of experience in managing client hosting accounts and websites.

Here are a few reasons why Forerunner should manage your website hosting:

  1. We only deal with reputable third party host providers.
  2. We managed everything related to your website hosting.
  3. We provide phone and email support. If there’s a problem, we communicate with the host on your behalf.
  4. We provide malware monitoring and clean up for your website.
  5. We monitor your website for brute force attacks and other security issues.

Managed Hosting Solutions

Forerunner offers a range of hosting solutions. Let us take the hassle out of setting up and maintaining your hosting.

If you require a customised hosting solution for your website or web-based application, talk to our Team today.