Web-Based Applications

What is a Web-Based Application?

To keep up with the current and future trend of cloud computing, Forerunner’s web development team can work with you to design and develop a customised web-based application, which will enable you to work and manage your business from anywhere in the world.

A web-based application provides you with the flexibility of using custom designed software how you want to use it, not how it has been designed to be used by the masses.

Forerunner applications can be designed and developed for any purpose. Examples include an online application process, job management, workflow system and client record keeping.

Web-based applications for business
A web application will benefit your business

How will a web application benefit your business?

Web-based applications are custom-designed and developed to meet the requirements of your business. Every feature incorporated will be included because you asked for it and your business will use it.

The number one benefit is an application that does exactly what you want and how you want to do it. Add additional features and functionality at any time. Our systems are flexible. We will work with you every step of the way to help you reach your goals.

Use your application system on your PC, laptop, iPad/Android tablet or even on your smartphone if you choose. You can also choose to host it on your own server, subscribe to a third party host service, or host it in the cloud.

Security and Procedures to Secure Your Application

We are committed to ensuring our web applications are secure and data will not be comprised. We use industry standard best practices when securing an application. The following is a selection of the main techniques, and practices, we undertake to secure an application:

  • Use of up-to-date software and monitoring of security updates including updates for Apache, UNIX and PHP Frameworks.
  • All Input is validated and checked against Cross-site scripting (XXS) attacks and Cross-site request Forgery (CSRF) attacks.
  • By using a PHP Framework such as Laravel or CodeIgniter, we help eliminate SQL Injection Attacks.
  • Sensitive information, such as user information, are encrypted with a combination of unique salt for each user/client.
  • Sessions are encrypted and stored in databases.
  • MVC scripts and classes are kept outside the public_html folder.
  • Maintain a running log of the entire system which tracks and records access and history of each user.

Web-Based Application Examples

The following examples are selected and edited screenshots of custom built web-based applicants that are Team has designed and developed. If you are interested in a web-based application for your business or organisation, contact us today for an obligation-free demonstration and discussion.