Business Cards

Make a lasting impression

Your business card plays an important role in promoting your business. It represents your brand and business personality to both existing and potential customers, and your colleagues. It is the most valuable tool in your networking toolbox.

Forerunner’s Digital Media Team will work with you to design your ideal business card that will leave a great impression.

Business Card Design
Pile of business cards

Types of Business Cards

There are different types of business cards. The rectangle card with flat colours is the classic style and the most commonly used. However, in today’s society, anything goes.

More and more individuals and companies are daring to be different. Bright colours, different shapes and cuts, bold photographs and images, different card textures and finishes, and the list goes on.

Once you have decided on the type and shape of card that suits you, the colour scheme, content and design layout comes next. Work with us to create your great impression.