Showcase your Business

Brochures are a great way of showcasing your business to potential customers. Introduce your brand to your target audience through an effective design.

A brochure generally provides an overview of products and services, enticing potential customers to contact you for further information.

Whether they are handed out at events, dropped in letterboxes or on the reception counter in your workplace, this is a traditional print advertising medium.

Forerunner’s Digital Media Team will help you design a brochure which will fit with your brand and make the desired impact.

Showcase your business
Pile of brochures

Brochure Types

There are various types of brochures, but the two most common brochures are bi-fold and tri-fold, using A4 size paper.

  • Bi-Fold: Single A4 sheet, printed double sided and folded in half (featuring 4 panels)
  • Tri-Fold: Single A4 sheet, printed double sided and folded into thirds (featuring 6 panels)

Another popular option is a brochure booklet. This is usually printed on A4 paper, double sided, folded in half and stapled along the fold or bound.

Discuss your project with us and we will work with you to design your new brochures.