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Laravel – PHP Framework for Web Artisans

Laravel is an open source PHP based framework designed for developing robust model-view-controller (MVC ) applications. The framework incorporates useful features such as Eloquent Object Relational Model (ORM), Restful controllers, IOC Containers, Routes, Migrations and more, which significantly improves application development efficiency and reduces deployment time.

Laravel is one of the best PHP Famewrok according to sitepoint. Laravel enables us to use Agile Development methodologies to help deploy web applications quicker and more efficiently by using evolutionary planning and development processes.

Our Team has extensive experience in developing custom Laravel applications. View some of our examples. You can also request for a free demo by contacting us.

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CodeIgniter – Fully Baked PHP Framework

CodeIgniter is an open source PHP based framework designed for rapid development of web applications. The framework is also based on the MVC architecture but does not enforce it and can be ‘forgiving’ during the building and development processes of an application. CodeIgniter is ideal for developing small to medium applications and is among one of the fastest performing PHP frameworks available.

Our Team has used CodeIgniter to build small web application enabling us to deliver the completed project in a short time frame as required by our clients.

You can also request to view a free demo of our previous work by contacting us.

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PHP Frameworks Phalcon Symfony2, Yii, PHPCake and Zend framework

Other PHP Framework for Web Artisans

There are many PHP Frameworks available today. Our developers are not restricted to only using Laravel and CodeIgniter.

Our developers would be happy to work with your existing system, or future requirements, whether you require an upgrade, maintenance or the design and development of a brand new application system.