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Drone Technology

drone technology

Drone Technology! What is it and why are we hearing about it everywhere we go? Drones are ‘vehicles’ that are unmanned, and can be controlled without a human on board. They can be controlled from the ground using a remote control or computer, and a GPS tracking system. Drones and the Military The military use […]

Building Gaming PCs – What’s Involved?

Forerunner gaming PC

At Forerunner Computers, there isn’t much we can’t fix in the way of computers or laptops and there certainly isn’t anything we can’t build, so when it comes to building PCs (even a gaming PC) to suit particular needs, we are confident we can do this within budget. These days, gaming is a hobby for […]

The Pokemon Go Craze


Have you joined the Pokemon Craze? Have you seen a lot of people holding a phone with their head down (assumingly glued to the screen) and wandering around the streets, on roads, in a gym or even in a church? If yes, are you at least a little curious about it? What is going on? The […]